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Free concert at the Kabayanan Integrated School featuring Worldship Orchestra (WSO)

Through music, individuals can track down regular associations with arithmetic, science, perusing, composing, and performing expressions. Music permits one to articulate thoughts in a novel manner, which rouses learning and helps fabricate self-esteem.

Last Thursday, 21st of September 2013, Kabayanan Integrated School warmly welcomed the Worldship Orchestra (WSO) to perform for the school as part of the tour of the group. The program started by playing the Nationalistic Song conducted by Gabriel “ Oggie” Cayetano, Philippine Coordinator , where students and respective teachers participated and watched.

The show they gave is instructive, intuitive, and engaging, planned particularly for the students. Violin, viola, cello, contrabass, flute, piccolo, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, piano, and percussions were the instruments they used upon performing, led by their conductor, Hiroyuki Okhama.

WSO from Japan, established by its pioneer, Akihide Noguchi, means to cater free traditional shows for students in the Philippines and other Asian nations. The gathering likewise gives free music studios for children in various schools and foundations. It is the principal visit through the ensemble in Manila conveying the name of Worldship since February 2015 with the association of Manila Symphony Orchestra.

“WSO dreams a future in which every one of the kids will get the opportunity to include themselves in music, especially in symphony training in their nearby local area for life skills upgrade,” according to Akio Nozawa, SWO leader.

The children were extremely cheerful about the whole performance of the group. There was a trace of joy and satisfaction in their eyes and smiles. In addition, the group also invited and allowed children to play the role of the conductor for the orchestra, as part of their objective was to give free music workshops for children.

Kabayanan Integrated School was very thankful to the Worldship Orchestra (WSO) for having experienced this kind of program for the students. The children got the opportunity to join, chime in, and be directed by the symphony orchestra in front of an audience. It was a fun day, indeed, with music!

WSO Playing National Anthem conducted by Gabriel “ Oggie” Cayetano, Philippine Coordinator

Group photo with Grade 4 Pupil as he plays as a Conductor during the performance

Article Written by:

Naneth S. Suarez

Teacher III - Kabayanan Integrated School


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