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Facing Face-to-Face Classes at SJES

San Juan Elementary School (SJES) commenced its face-to-face classes involving pupils who had consent from their parents. A two-week school preparation participated by teachers in all grade levels made it possible on 18th of April this year. Best practices were adopted from other schools through bench marking activities which helped ensure the successful conduct at the SJES community.

Following President Duterte’s approval of the recommendation for the progressive expansion of face-to-face classes, DepEd has authorized the commencement of the progressive expansion phase of face-to-face classes for both public and private schools. Facing behemoth challenges in school preparation with strict health protocols in compliance with IATF’ executive order, schools seemed to be anxious but eager to conquer the new challenges of that awaited the education system. Consequently, SJES team headed by the school head Mr. Llod T. Tulaylay, carefully crafted a plan to satisfy the compulsory requirements like the posting of simple signages, setting up of washing facility, and other pertinent details including contingency plans in coordination with the LGU health officials and task force team members to ascertain successful implementation scheme as if April became the opening of a new school year.

Face-to-face classes are subject to and depend on the COVID Alert Levels issued by the IATF. Schools are given discretion to include other grade levels based on their capacity and upon the concurrence of the Local Chief Executive of the city or municipality with the proper coordination with their respective barangay officials. Meals are not supposed to be taken in school except during managed recess. Teachers who are not vaccinated are not also allowed to participate in the in-person classes but are given other modes of learning to attend to their classes. Apart from the parents’ written consent, only the vaccinated learners are permitted to attend for safety concerns. Moreover, schools under Alert Level 1 and 2 are the only ones allowed to participate which made all the public schools in San Juan City eligible for the progressive expansion of the face-to-face classes as the entire National Capital Region is still placed in Alert Level 1.

Article written by:

Angelo Stephen D. Josue

San Juan Elementary School


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