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Day Camp goes Online

The goal of Math 117 has always been to serve students through dynamic programs and one of which is Day Camp. This has been offered to students yearly within the school campus however, since last school year it was conducted online. Still, the essence remains, continue enjoying Math through games. The only disadvantage this time is the limited reach among participants because of internet connection. This also led the organizers to limit the number of games and the entire event for a maximum of 2 hours.

The event started with usual preliminaries and when those were over, the games kicked off and the participants were just too eager to get on with it. Changes were made in the delivery of the games, the rules and even how participants were to share their answers. Each of these was cleared before each game so that participants and organizers can fully enjoy the experience. Yes, the organizers also had fun since it’s a new platform they are using and some unexpected things ensued which taught them new lessons. As for the participants, they were unstoppable in playing the games. Their unstable internet connection did not stop nor discourage them to play eagerly for their teams, score a point or even win a specific game. Unfortunately, only half of the usual number of participants were able to join. A total of 17 students from different Grades 7 and 8 classes honored their commitment to join the event. Also, there were 9 games played with the first one being a ‘teaser’ where participants took turns using the microphone or chat box in expressing their answers. Some of the game titles include: What’s My Line?, Bridging Words, 4-pic-in-1, Word Puzzle, What Time is it?, Solve and Math and Math Puzzle. As for the facilitators, they closely monitored who gave the first answer correctly, who followed the rules and who deserved the point per question. All these effort to fully accomplish what was planned for Virtual Day Camp 2021. Below are some picture taken during the event.

Article written by:

Liberty D. Quirino,

Math Teacher, SJNHS

Club Adviser, Math 117


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