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Conduct and continuation of the CID-POLE for 3rd Quarter

The Curriculum Implementation Division (CID), a department dedicated to improving the quality of education in schools, has recently concluded the 3rd quarter run of its Promoting Optimum Learning Environment (POLE) initiative. This initiative is an ongoing effort by CID to provide comprehensive technical assistance to schools, and it is part of a larger effort to promote a holistic approach to school improvement.

CID-POLE has several objectives, but its primary goal is to enhance the quality of education provided in schools by monitoring the daily lesson plans and logs of teachers across all subject areas. By doing so, CID aims to ensure that teachers are delivering lessons that are aligned with the curriculum and that meet the needs of students. Additionally, this initiative aims to assess the programs implemented by schools to ensure that the quality and accessibility of their services are optimized. The initiative also aims to evaluate how well the targeted stakeholders are benefiting from the Learning Recovery and Continuity Plan (LRCP) of the schools.

CID-POLE recognizes the importance of providing quality education to all students, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative aims to identify and address the challenges that schools face in delivering effective education during these trying times. CID-POLE provides much-needed support to schools that are facing resource constraints, staffing challenges, or other difficulties in delivering quality education.

Through its efforts, CID-POLE aims to promote a culture of continuous improvement in schools. By providing comprehensive technical assistance and monitoring the progress of schools over time, CID-POLE ensures that all students receive the best possible education. This initiative is a testament to the dedication and commitment of CID to improving the quality of education in schools, and it sets an example for other departments and organizations that are working towards similar goals.

Article Written by:

Bradley Goldie K. Loo

Education Program Supervisor- Science


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