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Celebrating Academic Excellence: Recognition Day at WCES

West Crame Elementary School (WCES) was filled with joy and pride as they celebrated the exemplary achievements of Grade 4, 5, and 6 pupils during the highly anticipated Recognition Day. This special occasion brought together the pupils and their parents to honor their outstanding academic performance. The parents themselves were recognized with the esteemed “Gawad Tanglaw” certificates, while the stakeholder’s received certificates as “Gawad Kaagapay”.

Ms. Ma. Hernanda R. Santos, Principal IV, graced the event with her presence, delivering the Welcome Remarks. With deep pride and admiration, she acknowledged the exceptional achievements of the pupils and expressed her gratitude to the parents for their unwavering support. She emphasized the importance of quality education and commended the students for their dedication and hard work.

Barangay Education Committee Chair, Kagawad Ufemia Timado, also delivered a message, highlighting the significance of collaboration between the community and the school in nurturing the pupils' academic growth. Kagawad Timado applauded the pupils for their hard work and expressed her appreciation for the dedicated efforts of the school staff and parents in providing a supportive learning environment.

The presence of GPTA President Lito Macalanda further elevated the event, symbolizing the strong partnership between the school and parents in fostering academic excellence.

As the event progressed, the outstanding pupils and their parents were called on stage to receive their Gawad Tanglaw certificates, recognizing their exceptional academic accomplishments. The beaming faces of the parents reflected the immense pride and joy they felt in witnessing their children's achievements.

The stakeholders were not forgotten, as they were presented with Gawad Kaagapay Certificates, acknowledging their invaluable support and contributions to the school community. This recognition highlighted their commitment to promoting quality education and the vital role they play in the students' success.

As the event ended, the Master Teacher II, Mrs. Leonalyn Ramillano, delivered the closing remarks, expressing gratitude to all the attendees for their presence and support. She emphasized the importance of recognizing and celebrating academic excellence and extended her congratulations to the pupils, parents, and stakeholders for their invaluable contributions.

The celebration of academic excellence underscored the collective efforts of the school, parents, and stakeholders in nurturing the students' growth and success. It served as a powerful reminder of the importance of education and the unwavering support of the community in shaping the future of these exceptional young scholars.

Article Written by:


Teacher III - West Crame Elemetanry School


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