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The seminar-workshop entitled, “Breaking Barriers, Building Equality: Empowering All Genders,” promised to be an inspiring and enlightening experience. As participants entered the venue, they were greeted with warm smiles and a sense of camaraderie. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as the seminar provided a platform for open discussion and learning.


During the first day dated September 15, 2023, a topic on Cyber Bullying Awareness for Women and Children was discussed by PLPT Jeremiah James E. Cajayon. The first session was an eye-opener for many attendees as it highlighted relevant laws, reporting mechanisms, and ethical considerations in dealing with cyberbullying. Attendees gained valuable insights into their legal rights and responsibilities. The second session was about Health Awareness discussed by Wynona Siriban. Her presentation was a crucial first step in creating a healthier society by enabling people to take responsibility for their health, motivating them to spread health awareness in their social circles and promoting a wellness culture and healthy lifestyle choices.


On the 2nd day, September 22, 2023, Education Program Specialist II and GAD Focal Person Ms. Danica Mae D. Rivera discussed about Gender Fair Languages in the School Community. With fresh perspectives, a feeling of empowerment, and a resolve to encourage gender-neutral language in school communities, the participants developed workable solutions for implementing gender-neutral language policies and practices in school.


On September 30, 2023, the last day of the seminar workshop, Ms. Imelda Ferrer, a NEAP speaker/trainer encouraged respect for all gender identities and gave educators and administrators the tools needed to advocate for gender-sensitive practices. As a result, the teachers gained insights that they could use to promote a more inclusive and equitable learning environment for students of all genders as they also focused on the value of working together with parents and the larger community.


Teachers, together with the non-teaching personnel, gathered for the last day of their workshop seminar at the Three Springs Mountain Park, Tanay Rizal. There was a strong unanimity and shared commitment at the end of the event. Along with a more comprehensive grasp of the value of gender awareness, this experience was a big step toward encouraging teaching and non-teaching personnel to work together, understand one another, and have common goals. It emphasized how groups advance gender development and awareness in educational settings. It is anticipated that the information and camaraderie gained from this occasion will keep pushing the school community in the direction of a more diverse and equitable future.


Here are some snapshots taken from the activities:

Article Written by:

Ruscel L Paguirigan

Teacher II - West Crame Elementary School


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