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Pedro Cruz Elementary School Empowers Reading Foundation for Grade One

“A child who reads will be an adult who thinks,” gives Pedro Cruz Elementary School the idea on reading as they launched Project “I CAN” for the Grade 1 pupils last June 28, 2019.

Parents flocked to attend the said program together with the Chief Curriculum Implementation Division, Dr. Helen G. Padilla, Education Program Supervisor, Dr Susana S. Luceno and Kagawad Josefina Gonzalvo of Barangay Pedro Cruz.

The said project is an innovation reading program that PCES will be catering to their Grade One pupils as a beginning of a new trend of learners. The program allows the pupils to enjoy learning while playing. It is also relative to the program that the School-Based Diagnostic Test was given to the Grade 1 entrants during enrollment period last May 2019.

School-based Diagnostic Test result in Filipino revealed that, out of 68 pupils in Grade 1, 31 pupils were considered as Developing Readers; 16 are boys and 15 are girls. There were 37 pupils considered as Struggling Readers; 21 are boys and 16 are girls.

Table 1.1 Pupils Reading Profile

Dr. Juphet A. Capuyan, Principal IV, assigned teachers to handle this program. Mrs. Analine R. De Guzman as the Team Leader while Mrs. Karen N. Vendivel and Mrs. Angela C. Espiritu handles the Agila Group (Developing readers) and Maya Group (Struggling Readers), respectively. Parents in Grade 1 will assist these teachers in carrying out the different activities of the said program.

Article written by:

Dr. Juphet A. Capuyan (Principal IV - Pedro Cruz Elementary School)

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