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San Juan Elementary School “SAMA – SAMA DAY”

Cognizant with the launching of the project entitled “San Juan Elementary School Soar High”, another remarkable innovation was initiated by the principal proponent himself, Mr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay. Aptly called “Sama-Sama Day”, this was launched last June, 2018 and had been continuously practiced to this day. This activity gave time for the teachers, school head, and the parents (our stakeholders) to meet together to address issues and concerns. As a result, they built stronger partnerships over time.

In an interview, Mr. Tulaylay disclosed his two objectives. “First is to promote camaraderie and cooperation among teachers, school head, and the parents who are the stakeholders of the school. I believe that this is the best way to create a more conducive and friendly school environment for the learners. It is through this means that each stakeholder will know their respective roles and responsibilities and understand each indifferences, misunderstandings that lies ahead of them,” he said.

“Second, I would like to strengthen partnership between the school and the stakeholders which is one of the PIA’s of the school. When we work closely, we would be able to achieve our goals and become productive as we solve all our problems in the best way we can,” Mr. Tulaylay continued.

He further stressed that having a “Sama-Sama Day” will lead to the Road Map of Excellence that San Juan Elementary School dreams of. He also mentioned that this gathering will be conducted on a daily basis as each pupil needs to be nurtured continuously. Saturday engagement will also take place where parents will go to the school depending on the arrangement and their availability for each grade level. It was emphasized though that there is no compulsion but rather calls on their willingness to partner with the school to help improve the academic achievement of their children which is consistent with the second objective of the program.

Indeed, this innovation of the principal is unique in its own way as another milestone of San Juan Elementary School awaits the community.

Article written by:

Angelo Stephen D. Josue (San Juan ES Teacher)

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