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National Intellectual Disability Month Special Education

“Maraming salamat at nabigyan ng pagkakataong maipakita ni Chloe ang talent niya sa pagsayaw. Masaya kami na nakikita siyang nagpeperform sa stage kasi gusto niya ‘yun eh,” quipped Mrs. Rose Quintela, a proud parent of Kabayanan Elementary School who caters to Learners with Special Educational Needs (LSENs). Chloe is just one of the LSENs who performed during the Book Parade and Talent Show Case held last 15 February 2019 at the SDO Conference Hall. This is in observance of the National Intellectual Disability Month.

Other activities included the participation to the 43rd Camp Pag-ibig held last 17 January 2019 at Camp Pag-ibig Site, Balara Filter, Quezon City. It centered on the theme, “Equal Opportunities for All”, in collaboration with other government and other non-government organizations. Further, the Division of San Juan SpEd Learning Centers conducted a number of activities such as SpEd exhibit, film showing, photo booth, cooking challenge and the parent symposium in order to promote awareness of what the SpEd learners can do and how the community can help them make sense of the world around them.

OIC-ASDS Mrs. Flordelisa D. Pereyra commended the efforts of all SpEd teachers and the parents for coming up with meaningful activities for children. “The call for inclusive education is more relevant today as we work together to meet the needs of our LSENs in our schools and in the community. Thank you for the dedication that you have shown today to mount such an impressive Talent Show for our learners. SDO San Juan will continue to find ways to help build a nurturing society for them,” she said in her message.

In closing, Division SpEd Coordinator, Mrs. Elsa Gella reiterated the challenge to continue providing different avenues for the LSEns to show the community how far they have gone in their studies highlighting their life skills and talents that they have developed with the able help from their teachers. She remarked, “If others can, we can.” On that note, the parents, teachers, supervisors, and other guests gathered in front for the photo opportunity to celebrate the success of the activities.

Shown below are snapshots of the events in celebration of the National Intellectual Disability Month.

Division SpEd Exhibit at SDO Ground Floor headed by Dr. Joanne Gella, Mr. Savador Payong and Mrs. Leonora (February 11-15, 2019)

Film Showing at KES and PES SpEd Learning Centers (February 12, 2019)

Photo booth and Cooking Challenge (February 13, 2019

Parent Symposium (February 14, 2019)

Book Parade and Talent Show (February 15, 2019)

Camp Pag-ibig 2019 at Balara Filter, Quezon City (February 17, 2019)

Article written by:

Joanne L. Gella, EdD (Pinaglabanan ES)

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