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Writeshop on Contextualization, Localization and Indigenization of Learning Materials in Mathematics

Once again, the Division of City of San Juan planned a worthwhile project that will definitely benefit the learners of the different public schools in the city. The Mathematics teachers, headed by Mrs. Helen S. Acedo, come up with learning materials designed at specific grade level coinciding with the competencies for the whole year. All these materials shall be offered for free to all learners willing to attend Saturday Program classes scheduled sometime October to November. This way, the talented students will be further developed while those finding difficulty in the subject will get additional help. For 3 Saturdays, some 36 Mathematics teachers from various elementary and secondary schools collected materials, improved questions and made sure that learners will appreciate the contents because of their familiarity with the places, personalities and events used in the materials. Also, varying difficulties of questions were included in the materials in order to aid students as they progress through the program.

Upon the start of the program, some leaders from the division participated in the event. Mr. Lloyd Tulaylay, Mr. Joven. Mr. Mengote, Mr. Cesar Camayra all praised the idea of the writeshop. They also acknowledge the fact that it will not be easy to come up with learning materials that will cater to all but that is the challenge posed among writers. The materials have to suit most, if not all, learners and must inculcate in them that learning can happen within the walls of the room yet all are related or connected with things and matter around them. Also, they praised the efforts of Mrs Acedo for coming up with the writeshop but more so the teachers who responded to the challenge. They mentioned that it is not easy sacrificing weekends for the activity yet all are very eager and more than willing to work as early as possible. Mrs. Abelende also presented the participant in a very Mathematically-inspired and creative way. That was followed by Mrs. Acedo who enumerated the expected outputs from each grade level and reminders for everyone to follow. Various materials were also provided among participants with the notion that all are to be used properly and returned once the writeshop is over.

For each session, teachers and their schools were assigned for the logistics of the day. Nutritious and adequate food and snacks were provided to all. Printing of materials were no concern as needs related to this were generously provided by the division office. The venue accommodated everyone and was definitely conducive for brainstorming.

On the last day of the writeshop, teachers felt relieved at the same time pressured to submit their completed outputs. However, most honoured their assigned tasks and submitted the materials and teachers guide to Mrs. Acedo. On this day, Ms. Flordelisa Pereyra graced the event and once again challenged the writers that this will just be the first of many. She said that let the passion and dedication continue to spark for better service of the learners of the division. She mentioned that teachers are the real and best assets of the Department of Education. In addition, Mr Cesar Camayra congratulated all people involved and asked the teachers that this be an opportunity to improve themselves. Let the working atmosphere flourish to further deepen the meaning of service and quality education in the division. In behalf of the participating teachers, Ms. Marytes Doctor and Ms. Eden Balisbis responded to the challenging by sharing insights on the timeliness of the writeshop. They also led the pledge of commitment among writers that this will indeed be the first of many and that they will pursue greater purpose through the activity.

In general, the writeshop is a huge success since materials and teachers guide were produced during the 3-day event for Grades 1-10. It also allowed writers to realize that difficult tasks can be made easier if they work together. Moreover, the group of teachers once proved that their dedication to assigned tasks, however unexpected or challenging it can become, is far better and more intense. Hence, it is their desire that more learners will participate in the Saturday Program so that it can really test the usability of the materials and the effectivity of the seminar as a whole.

Article written by:

Ms. Liberty D. Qiurino (Special Science Class Teacher - San Juan National High School)

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