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SJNHS - Senior High School made waves in 2017 Nutrition Month Celebration

The 2017 Nutrition Month Celebration with a theme: “Healthy Diet: Gawing Habit for Life” was celebrated with a blast, fun-filled activities by the Senior High School Level of the San Juan National High School. Various nutri-related activities were held last July by the students and faculty members: Nutri-Jingle Sing & Dance Contest brought fun and giggles among the students as it was performed by all male groups per section, there’s also a Food Fair Exhibit showcasing nutritious and innovative products from Entrepreneurship students and other participating sections, judges were amazed on a very creative food preparation and Cooking Fest Competition from students especially the Cookery and F&B sections.

Entries for Poster Making and Slogan Making Contests also put the crowd in reverence for their creators’ innovative and witty presentation for the Nutri-Month’s theme. To the delight of all students, they cheered for the awesome special intermission number of the guest performers from Doro Deus Integrated High School, Inc., not to mention the macho dance number of Mr. Matro of Gr. 12 - GAS E and the veggie dance presentation of the Gr. 12 - TVL boys together with their ever good-looking class adviser – Mr. Victor Cabrillas. Two beautiful Bulletin Board Designs were designed by Gr. 12 – ABM and was assisted by Gr. 12 – TVL Caregiving students in Annex Gr. 12 building while the other one is in Gr. 11 building co-created by ABM and Cookery sections. Pre-school children of Bgy. Corazon de Jesus were all satisfied during their Feeding Program headed by Mr. Jojith Tandaguen, F&B Teacher; meanwhile a related Film Showing cum Seminar was successfully conducted by Mr. John Paolo Alad, Caregiving Teacher.

The event was held at the SJNHS-SHS Annex basketball court and the venue was prepared by the Gr. 12 – TVL boys.Below is the list of various winners in different contest categories during the 2017 Nutrition Month Celebration:

Poster Making Contest:

1st – Homer Christian D. Gambol, Gr. 11 – ICT

2nd – Real Lizada, Gr. 11 – ABM

3rd – Sidney Yu, Gr. 11 – ICT

Slogan Making Contest:

1st – Sophia Margaret Malabanan, Gr. 11 – ABM

2nd – Abegail delos Santos, Gr. 12 – E

3rd – John Aristotle Yadao, Gr. 11 – F&B

Nutri-Jingle Sing & Dance Contest: Special Awards:

1st – Gr. 11 – STEM Darling of the Crowd – Gr. 11 STEM

2nd – Gr. 11 – ABM Best in Costume – Gr. 11 ABM

3rd – Gr. 11 – F&B

Cooking Fest Competition:

1st – Hardinerang Manok: Jhacel Pereno, April Nabat & Jhoana Espacio – Gr. 11 – Cookery

2nd – Tofung Sisig: Melanie Marbella, Lainiza Gawani & Lleana Miranda – Gr. 11 – Cookery

3rd – Squashlet: Lynette & Lyzette Nalos – Gr. 11 - ABM


Gr. 11 F&B Gr. 11 STEM Gr. 11 ABM


Doro Deus Integrated High School, Inc. Mr. Matro of Gr. 12 GAS E Gr. 12 TVL-EIM



Ms. Amelita Panelo, TVL Supervisor

Mr. Demie Atienza, Planning Officer

Mr. Reynaldo Laurio, Head Teacher & OIC, SJNHS-JHS

Ms. Villie Espago – Principal, Doro Deus Integrated High School, Inc.

Mr. Fernando Pineda – GPTA President

Ms. Ma. Theresa J. Rola – GPTA Vice President

Working Committee:

Organizer - MA. AILEEN B. CALLORINA, SHS Coordinator

Co-Organizer - EVELYN S. PLAZA, ABM Teacher


Logistics/Facilities - VICTOR C. CABRILLAS/JOHN PAOLO ALAD, TVL Teachers

Poster Making Contest/ - MARVIN DE BORJA, ICT Teacher


Slogan Making Contest - VICTOR C. CABRILLAS, TVL-EIM Teacher

Jingle Song & Dance Contest - JANICE DUTERTE

Bulletin Board Design - EVELYN S. PLAZA

Feeding Program - JOJITH TANDAGUEN, F&B Teacher

Cooking Fest Competition - SHIRLEY ORPILLA, Cookery Teacher

Film Showing/Seminar - JOHN PAOLO ALAD, TVL-Caregiving Teacher


Article written by:

Ms. Evelyn S. Plaza (ABM Teacher)

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