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Senior High School Business Club Conducts Business Seminar

Through the initiative of Accounting, Business and Management [ABM] strand and Business Club of San Juan City Senior High School and with partnership of Polytechnic University of the Philippines San Juan City Campus and University of the Philippines Institute for Small Scale Industries [UP ISSI], a Business Seminar on Entrepreneurship was conducted last March 21, 2017 at the San Juan National High School Audio Visual Room.

The aim of the seminar is to make students aware and learned about entrepreneurship by providing them scholarly advice on “Becoming A Young Entrepreneur” by Prof. Ian Jester M. De Vera of UP ISSI and “Marketing for the Millenials” by Prof. Rizza Valdez de Vera of PUP San Juan. At the end of the lectures, an open forum culminated the seminar to enlighten students’ queries and curiosities about the topics delivered.

Due to the unalterable schedule of the Division Managerial Conference which happened on the same date, some Schools Division officials were not able to witness the event. However, in their absence, the seminar went on successfully with the leadership of Ms. Evelyn S. Plaza, ABM Teacher and the representation of Mr. Reynaldo Laurio, TVL High School Coordinator and Mr. Zamir D. Laud, STEM Teacher in the absence of Ms. Lucila G. Artuyo, SJNHS-SHS Principal III and Ms. Ma. Aileen B. Callorina, SHS Coordinator.

The success of the seminar was realized with the help of the Working Committee composed of the following members: Ms. Ma. Aileen B. Callorina, Chairperson; Ms. Evelyn S. Plaza, Co-Chairperson; Mr. Marvin P. De Borja, Program/ Invitation; Mr. Aumar D.G. delos Santos, Registration; Ms. Marissa T. Acuña, Token; Mr. Zamir D. Laud, Certificates; Ms. Edna L. Arceta, Refreshments; and Mr. Victor C. Cabrillas, Physical Facilities.

Signages of the Seminar at the SJNHS’ entrance

Becoming a Young Entrepreneur Marketing to Millenials by Prof. Ian Jester M. De Vera of UP ISSI by Prof. Rizza Valdez de Vera of PUP San Juan

Students while all ears on the topics

Open Forum – Prof. Ian J.M. de Vera answering queries from some students

Awarding of Certificates by the SJNHS’ Mr. Laurio and SHS faculty and Token of Appreciation by the presidents of ABM and the Business Club, Mr. Felix Gabayne and Ms. Janet Galicio respectively

The guest lecturers with the faculty

Article written by:

Ms. Evelyn S. Plaza (SHS Teacher)

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