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Seminar-Workshop on Enhancing Effective Library Services with Technology Integration

In line with the National Book Week Celebration, the CID – LRMDS office conducted a Seminar-Workshop on Enhancing Effective Library Services with Technology Integration. This was attended by the librarian, Teachers-In-Charge of the LRC, as well as, the LRMDS coordinators of all public Elementary; Junior and Senior High School. The program was facilitated by the Division Office LRMDS team. It aims to provide the participants with the background information on the libraries and basic library work processes necessary to facilitate efficient and quality learning and technical resources and to familiarize the participants in the use of LRMDS portal. This was held last November 22, 2016 from 8:00-5:00 PM at the SDO Conference Hall. The seminar started with a prayer and singing of the National Anthem. A heart-warming Welcoming Remarks followed by the message from the OIC-SDS, Dr. Joel Torrecampo was delivered by the CID chief, Mr. Virgilio A. Santos. Dr. Victoria M. Parambita presented the participants per school. The first lecturer in the program proper was Mr. Virgilio Santos who discussed the following topics: Learning Resource Management and Curriculum Contextualization. For the second activity in the morning session, Mrs. Vilma T. Padilla, Division Librarian, discussed the school library as an Integral part of the School. She stressed that the school library is an integral part to the educational process, and essential to the development of literacy, information literacy, teaching-learning process and culture are the core of school library services. As prescribed by DepEd, an effective library must reflect the needs of its school population. She also emphasized that it must be properly and adequately equipped to meet the needs of the curriculum and the users. Cited the DepEd Order No. 6 s. 98, the policies and programs for school library development, the library is very important in the attainment of the objectives of education. Its main function is to make instructional materials available and accessible to teachers and learners in order to develop positive reading/study habits and developing the ability of using those materials efficiently and effectively as tools for learning DepEd Order No.56 s.2011; known as the Standards for Philippine Libraries that aims to improve the access, usage, administration, management and collection libraries and to be adopted by all libraries nationwide. She also tackled the Duties and Responsibilities of a Librarian, a LR Coordinators and the activities undertaken by the Division Librarians to school libraries. The trainings to teach teacher librarians on the registration and usage of the DepEd portal LR, overview of the systems and other updates were discussed by Mr. Mike P. Rull and Mr. Leon M. Pangda. These trainings were conducted to help the LRMDS coordinators and teacher librarians on familiarizing the LRMDS system and to get more relevant learning resources as tools for teaching and be able to share what they have learned to their co-teachers. Mr. Orlando D. Claor, Senior Education Program Specialist, delivered the closing remarks. He encouraged the participants to do their best to support the Learning Resource Center of all schools in the Division of DepEd San Juan. The seminar workshop was indeed a success through the collaborative efforts of the LRMDS Division team and the participants.

Article written by:

Mrs. Vilma T. Padilla (Division Librarian)

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