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The 5th Regional EPP Skills Competition and TLE Technolympics was conducted last December 6 & 7, 2016 at Marikina High School as the Division Host with the theme “Enriching Skills, Transforming Lives”. Before the opening all participants and coaches have to register, followed by a parade within the vicinity. Dr. Helen Grace V. Go, Superintendent of Marikina gave the welcome address. Mr. Joseph T. Santos Education Program Supervisor in TLE presented the participants. Inspirational message was given by our Regional Director Dr. Ponciano Menguito. Dr. Genia V. Santos stated the statement of the purpose and the mechanics of the contest. Different venues were announced for the different category with 1 supervisor assigned as contest administrator and contest supervisor together with their contest administrator. Mrs. Amelita C. Panelo was assigned in the Sales Analysis with Mrs. Joy Anne F. Montallana as contest facilitator. There were 15 participants of the different division were represented in the sales analysis. Pupils waited patiently as they start the contest.

The Division of San Juan got fifth place in Cocktail Dress category, fourth place for hair and make-up category, third place for Computer Service System NC II (CSS) category, and first place in the Electrical Installation Maintenance (EIM) category. For the other category 16th place in chicken dish and NFOT logo design category, 11th place for the web page design and fish cookery, tie in the 8.5th place for electronic appliances.

For the EPP group 16th place for beads and fashion accessories, basic encoding, and table setting and napkin folding, 13th place in simple curtain, 10th place for powerpoint presentation with animation and excel, 9th place for dish gardening, and 8th place for bangus sardines.

Over-all champion for the Division of Marikina, second place for Division of Mandaluyong and 3rd place for Division of Quezon City.

Winners for the Secondary; 1st Place Electrical Maintenance – Mark Kevin Alcober; Mr, Bernie Fortin - trainer Winners for the Secondary

Winners for the Secondary; 3rd Place CSS NCII – Lance Anthony Virgo; Participants for the dish gardening Mrs. Maria Corazon F. Calibara and and table setting and napkin folding Mr. Marvin de Borja - trainer for Elementary Level

Article written by:

Mrs. Amelita C. Panelo (Education Program Supervisor - EPP/TLE/ICT)

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