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SDO-San Juan City presents research on teachers’ initiatives to respond to K to 12 challenges

In keeping with the thrust to strengthen the research culture in the Division, Schools Division Office-San Juan City (SDO-San Juan) sent eight teachers and one supervisor to the 9th International Conference on Teacher Education held on September 1-3, 2016 at the GT Toyota Auditorium, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City. OIC-Superintendent Dr. Joel T. Torrecampo saw the need to grab this chance to capacitate the people so he ensured that the participation will be realized through the leadership of the Chief Education Supervisor Virgilio A. Santos of the Curriculum Implementation Division. English Supervisor Marnelli A. Bautista presented her paper entitled, “Teacher Agency in the K to 12 Education Reform: Narratives from Mindful Teachers.” It highlighted the experiences of three teachers from the Division and how they were able to address pressing issues in their local contexts given the past, present, and future dimensions of their being an educator in the public school setting under the current K to 12 Program.

The research focused on the existing platforms in the Department which allow a classroom teacher to have a sense of ownership to the problems that arise in schools, whether it be in the curriculum or school operations. It emphasized the conduct of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) as a means to organize like-minded individuals with shared goals and visions to help improve systems and practices in order to achieve better learning outcomes. Another item that was explored was the conduct of Action Research which invites attention to gaps identified in the classroom. It places the teachers in a position to be responsive to such concerns being the ones in direct contact with the learners and the learning environment especially that the structures in the Rationalization Program ensure accountability at all levels while being strategic and results-oriented. The paper also articulated efforts in the region and division level to mobilize teachers to come up with proactive stance in compliance with the constitutional mandate of professional development in aid of the teaching-learning process.

Participants from different schools came in pursuit of this academic endeavor. They included Ma. Lucila Anatalio, Jennette Revis, Marlyn Ramos, and Araceli Villacorta from San Juan ES, Virginia R. Lopez from San Perfecto ES, Loida Abedania from Pinaglabanan ES and Jay F. Macasieb from San Juan National HS. This would not have been possible if not for the active support of the following school heads, Hernanda R. Santos, Cesar A. Camayra, Dr. Juphet A. Capuyan, and Ma. Lucila G. Artuyo. Joseph E. Villegas from the SDO-San Juan also joined the contingent to represent the School Governance and Operations Division in his capacity as the focal person in charge of the Research Agenda of the Division. The event gave substantial exposure to the attendees on the dynamics of teacher agency and how this can translate to improved systems and practices that can inform future decisions to navigate the imperatives of the K to 12 curriculum in their capacity as a classroom teacher and education leader at the forefront of change.

Regional Supervisor Dr. Warren A. Ramos of the Policy Planning and Research Division (PPRD) came in attendance as he presented his findings to the body in a special session organized by the Basic Education Sector Transformation (BEST) along with the other representatives in the region. He commended the San Juan group for the commitment shown in their effort to increase their awareness in the conduct of the discipline. The parallel sessions outlined in the conference gave opportunities for the teachers to gain significant insights to various strands like policy and practice, capacity building, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.

ICTED is a biennial event organized by the University of the Philippines College of Education. It is home to a number of burning issues related to the education sector that aims to gather educationists, social scientists, policy makers, education students and other like-minded individuals in the global arena to pursue change in their sphere of influence grounded by theoretical, conceptual or empirical frameworks. It is further hoped that this year’s conference theme will inspire the attendees to embark on their respective research journeys and exercise teacher agency in meaningful contexts. It paved the way for San Juan teachers to establish networks and linkages to better promote the love for research and eventually capacitate themselves in the discipline. It is also desired to rally a critical mass in the field to carry on their action research filled with joyful optimism that the solution is out there for the taking in quest for quality service to all Filipino learners.

Article written by:

Marnelli A. Bautista (Education Program Supervisor - English/Journalism)

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