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Planning – Meeting Cum Workshop Re: Retooling of Grades 1-4 Teachers on K to 12 Basic Education Pro

Relative to the School-based Retooling of Grades 1-4 teachers on the K to 12 Basic Education Program slated on June 7 – 9, 2016 at their respective school, SDO San Juan held a Planning-Meeting cum Workshop about the roll-out of the said activity with the participation of the Schools Division Superintendent, the Education Program Supervisors, School Heads and at least three (3) Master Teachers of each of the elementary schools. The activity aimed to heighten the understanding of Grades 1-4 teachers, particularly on pedagogy, assessment, and lesson planning, in light of the implementation of the curriculum done in the field. It revisited the salient features that would indicate deeper appreciation of the teachers’ roles and responsibilities so they would be guided accordingly.

The School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) Chief, Mr. Virgilio A. Santos, served as the first speaker. He talked about the K to 12 Basic Education Framework and the appropriate pedagogies. He provided substantial inputs in order to paint the bigger picture so it will be easier for the participants to situate themselves in the continuum.

In the afternoon’s session, Mr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay, EPS-Mathematics, discussed about the K to 12 Assessment. He instructed the groups to come up with their sample of assessment activities and organize them according to the cognitive process domains. He facilitated the flow of opinions from the participants as they deliberate on the objectives set for the different tests and activities presented.

The last speaker was Ms. Marnelli A. Bautista, EPS – English, who tackled the principles of Lesson Planning. It anchored on the paper tower activity as a springboard to flesh out the relevance and practical considerations of planning the lessons. Issues were addressed and agreements were made on how they could go about the dynamics in the best way possible without compromising the integrity of lesson planning principles.

The success of K to 12 Program hinges upon the understanding of teachers who are the direct implementers of the curriculum in the classrooms. They are the ones who spend ten solid months with a minimum of six hours of contact time with the learners on a daily basis. The accumulated experiences of both the teachers and learners in a span of one school year is what they will bring in to the next grade level so it is important that the foundation is strong. With this premise, SDO-San Juan continually commits itself to provide the support mechanisms to all stakeholders to achieve excellence in access, quality, and governance. Monitoring of the said activity is set to be done by Mr. Orlando D. Claor, Senior Education Program Specialist for Monitoring and Evaluation as the overall chair, and his staff.

Truly, it takes team effort to create habits of change and forge a culture of excellence.

Article written by:

Marnelli A. Bautista (Education Program Supervisor - English/Journalism)

Marieta C. Montoya (Senior Education Program Specialist)

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