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DepEd San Juan City embarks on a research journey

In keeping with DepEd’s thrust to promote a culture of research, SDO-San Juan City organized a three-part forum on action research initiated by the SGOD Team under Mr. Virgilio A. Santos. Dr. Warren A. Ramos, Regional Supervisor on Policy, Planning and Research Division, served as the guest lecturer on Aug. 20, 2015, Thursday at the SDO Conference Hall. He provided relevant insights as to the processes involved, the different mental frameworks used, the tools for analyses that beginning researchers may adopt, and other related information. He made a walk-through on the different parts of the research following the IMRC or the APA format, and patiently explained what each chapter entails. The participants engaged in a healthy discussion as they threw in questions about certain misconceptions and ethical practices of research in the field.

ASDS Dr. Joel T. Torrecampo and SGOD Chief Mr. Virigilio A. Santos presented the proposed structure and procedures to be observed in the division which are still subject for the approval of SDS Dr. Jenilyn Rose B. Corpuz after comments are processed and negotiated by representatives in the schools. Both facilitated the concerns of the body with regard to the specific situation that the schools face which could affect the conduct of the action research. For her part, EPS in Guidance and Research Dr. Emma A. Sendiong discussed the characteristics of a credible and competent researcher that would serve as guidelines for the teachers in the field.

On Aug. 24, Monday, the different research teams per school were allowed to brainstorm for their respective topics following the steps in gap analysis and opportunity map as presented in the lecture. They were made to reflect on the AIP/SIP submitted to the office and identify priority projects to be undertaken. Presentation of the research proposals took place on Aug. 28, Friday at the same conference hall with the panelists SDS Dr. Jenilyn Rose B. Corpuz, ASDS Dr. Joel T. Torrecampo, CID Chief Dr. Lydia C. Abeja, and SGOD Chief Mr. Virgilio A. Santos, along with the speaker, Dr. Warren A. Ramos, who gave meaningful feedbacks to the participants.

Dr. Corpuz said in an interview, “It is important that we equip our teachers with the basic skills on research so we can come up with sound judgments on policies and issues in education down at the school level. We like that we are data-driven in creating programs that would better serve our learners in order to maximize the resources we have at hand.”

Senior Education Program Specialist Ms. Marieta Montoya was tasked to form an FB group of all the research team in the different schools in the division for ease of communication. Dr. Corpuz herself upload the materials used in the presentation to maintain the enthusiasm and high spirit of people following the lively discourse that ensued. The event ended on a happy note with a follow-up session to be conducted in batches so as to give focus and adequate time for quality feedback mechanisms to take place. The move to strengthen the research skills of DepEd personnel is in line with the on-going efforts to intensify the Professional Learning Community under the Continuous Improvement Program of the Division.

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