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SJC education leaders face up presentation and facilitation skills challenge

In the continuing efforts to capacitate DepEd San Juan officials, the SGOD Team conducted a three-day training on presentation and facilitation skills on Aug. 25-27, 2015 at the SDO Conference Hall. Participants included the supervisors, school heads, section heads, and department heads of the different subject areas in the lone public secondary school in the division.

SGOD Chief Mr. Virgilio A. Santos discussed the essential tenets of Four A’s as the strategy for adult learning which defines the norm for DepEd personnel. Several tips were also given by OIC-ASDS Dr. Joel T. Torrecampo as he shared his experiences of facilitation over the years. Education Program Specialist for Planning and Research Mr. Vicente V. Varon then talked about practical ways to combat stage fright and the dynamics of effective delivery of presentations for various purposes.

Meanwhile, OIC- SDS Dr. Jenilyn Rose B. Corpuz provided substantial inputs on how to maximize the use of technology in getting across messages with utmost efficiency and creativity. She helped navigate the different power point tools and explicitly showed the advantages of mindful application of certain guidelines that will ensure longer recall of information. Dr. Corpuz futher stressed, “There is a growing need to update ourselves with the 21st century learning as we cater to our stakeholders. Not only do we deal with the different learning modalities of our students in the classrooms but even as we also cater to our parents and teachers, whether these be in small meetings or in-service seminars. We expose them to these protocols so they get to experience the professional side to it as a form of respect we accord to them as we also internalize the rudiments of the discipline and eventually gain mastery of it in time.”

The said training was designed to focus technical knowledge cum practical application. Participants were grouped according to their respective functions and positions. School heads worked on the Continuous Improvement Program, the supervisors on the Professional Learning Community, the section heads on the information advocacy campaign, and the department heads on the K to 12 Program with parents as their implied audience. San Perfecto ES Principal Dr. Juphet A. Capuyan quipped, “It felt like we were starting all over again. We were giddy with excitement as we presented our outputs following the magic of Four A’s and all the other principles we’ve just learned.”

The critiquing part after each group’s participation proved to be beneficial as best practices were highlighted and some areas of concern were noted for improvement. CID Chief Dr. Lydia C. Abeja commented on the importance of staying connected with the target audience as facilitators keep track of the general mood of the body and the language used to support understanding of key concepts.

The event ended with a symbolic graduation. Seminar kits were given away with hand-outs and files made readily available on the official FB account for quick reference. Participants went back to their respective work stations with increased confidence in their capacity to handle similar activities in the future.

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