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alive Anchor 1

The Division of City School-San Juan City is committed to provide quality education, desirable values and life skills with the active support of educationally equipped performing and non-teaching personnel and stakeholders in the delivery of educational services program to the learners.


The implementation of Arabic Language and Islamic Values (ALIVE) is a critical component of our determined effort
to achieve peace and prosperity in Mindanao and in the rest of the country. The inclusion of ALIVE program is a cooperative effort between Muslim and Christian educators- a testament to a shared dream of resolving the decades
of old conflict that hinders Mindanao realizing its full potential.


In our division, implement the program smoothly and achieve the objectives for which it was conceived. However,
it is also true that this task requires the participation of all stakeholders and therefore, the organization of taskforce from regional to division down to schools, and its community is necessary. Each task force constitutes key officials
who can play important roles in sustaining the program. It shall be charge of assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. More importantly, it will determine the success of implementation capitalizing on cooperation and teamwork among members, and looking towards common vision- that is eradicating ignorance, intolerance and violence.


Today, out of eight public schools were able to organized two classes with an enrolment of forty one pupils and
two asatidz. Dr. Joel T. Torrecampo our Officer in-charge continuously support and implement the program. We
are paying more attention to the needs of young and out-of the school youth at their critical and formative stage
of human life. It is an opportunity to understand their own language and culture and demonstrate pride and confidence in owning such culture and beliefs.

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