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WCES conduct its first Gender Awareness and Development Seminar

One of DepEd’s mission is to create a “gender-sensitive” environment for the learners. To ensure that this mission is brought to life, West Crame Elementary School (WCES) held its very first Gender-Awareness and Development (GAD) Seminar last August 10-12, 2022.

A part of the program covered gender awareness-related topics that could be used in classroom instruction, assessment, and value formation for every learner most especially for the upcoming face-to-face classes. School GAD focal persons, Mr. Roy Dan Pido, OIC-Principal, Mr. Raymond Delos Santos, School Planning Officer and Mrs. May Ann Foronda, School GAD Coordinator ensured that all the faculty and staff would be aware of gender-related activities for the upcoming school year.

Day 1 started with Mrs. May Ann Foronda as the first speaker who discussed the involvement of gender awareness and clarification to the new components, objectives, and the corresponding Means of Verification (MOVs) in the RPMS-PPST & IPCRF. This was followed by a discussion of Ms. Eveary Lauren C. Dela Cruz on the salient points in establishing the School-based Management-Seal of Effective School Governance (SBM-SESG) through the technical assistance given by the Division Focal Person for SBM Ms. Ana Marie Hernandez, and the OIC-Principal Mr. Roy Dan R. Pido. The next day activities were centered around the preparation for the upcoming face-to-face classes including the preparation of the Class Program/Schedule headed again by the School Guidance Coordinator Mrs. May Ann Foronda, followed by the presentation of each grade leaders. Capping off the second day was a productive discussion about the Magna Carta for Teachers that was discussed by the OIC-Principal Mr. Roy Dan Pido. The last day was dedicated to some team building activities held at the Ysabel Resort in San Mateo, Rizal. There were various activities prepared by GAD Focal persons for the WCES faculty and staff that helped them solidify their relationship and teamwork for the upcoming challenges for the upcoming school year.

This seminar increased their understanding of gender and development. It was undoubtedly very educational, rewarding, and meaningful. Furthermore, it served as a reminder that they could accomplish everything no matter the circumstances if they remain united as a team.

Article Written by:

Eveary Lauren C. Dela Cruz Teacher I

West Crame Elementary School


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