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The Journey of the NCR Palaro 2023 Badminton Singles Men Champion

JANHELO KIEL C. PALANCA started his journey in badminton since he was five (5) years old with the guidance of his father who was himself a varsity player of badminton. He joined badminton Singles Men in 2020 when he was grade four and won in the Division Meet. Unfortunately, the National Capital Region or NCR Meet was suspended due to the pandemic and he was not able to compete. Finally, after two (2) long years of waiting, he joined the group to represent the San Juan Elementary School Badminton Team as the group participated in the 2023 Division Meet where he emerged as the Champion. With his coach, Mrs. Ofelia M. Marasigan, Master Teacher I of San Juan Elementary School, he persevered in his trainings and competed in various competitions to fully prepare himself for the NCR Meet Palaro.

The long-awaited day came at Marikina City and he showcased his skills in every game he played. The audience, as well as his coaches, Mr. Jaime Llanes (Coach) and Mr. Caloy Palanca (Assistant Coach), were in awe with his drop shots, drives, and kills. His first games against Pasay then against Caloocan, were heart-stopping. It was a display of agility, endurance, and strength. Rallies were long and filled with excitement. The next day was equally intense as he competed against Valenzuela for the Semis. He won the two sets with the score of 21-15 and 21-19. And the much-awaited finals against Manila happened on Thursday, April 27 2023. Hearts raced fast as they exchanged smashes and tricks in each set. Eventually, with the final scores of 21/12 and 20/7, Janhelo Palanca was declared as the Champion and will represent the NCR for the Pambansang Palaro 2023.

The picture above shows Palanca in one of his action-packed games.

Article Written by:

Ofelia M. Marasigan

San Juan Elementary School - Master Teacher I


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