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SOSA 2023 @ SJES


The conduct of the State of the School Address (SOSA) is the perfect program for the school to provide information about the progress and development of San Juan Elementary School for the current year. It also gives recognition to stakeholders who have been very supportive in all the programs and projects implemented by the school.

On March 14 – 17, 2023 Dr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay, Principal III of San Juan Elementary school delivered the State of the School Address 2023 with the Theme: “ KAISA KA SA MATATAG NA SAMAHANG PARA SA BATA.” The 4 day activity started with a prayer, followed by the Opening remarks of the Master Teachers in each grade level. The statement of purpose for the said activity was given by Ms. Lovely M Gidayawan, Guidance Teacher. Teacher Lloyd started the SOSA 2023: ULAT NG PAG –UNLAD AT PASASALAMAT with TEACHER LLOYD, with the School Report Card that contained the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), programs, projects being implemented, and financial information to give a broad view of the school’s performance.

The activity was intended to inform parents, stakeholders and other clienteles about the school’s individual characteristics and academic performance. Different programs of the school were presented as intervention like PROJECT SAKKOP, PROJECT CARE, ANAK KO MAHAL KO for the betterment of the learners. He also highlighted the different winnings of the learners in the different categories and how the teachers and school had been recognized in Brigada Eskwela, SDRRM and Division Research. He likewise presented the beautification and development of the school facilities which helped the learners fare well in a child-friendly environment. As the presentation went on, Teacher Lloyd emphasized the strong partnership between the Teachers, Learners and Parents to complete the triangle. He ensured that the school will continue to deliver quality education to our learners despite the different challenges in life.

At the 4th day of the program, Hon. Warren Villa, City Vice Mayor of San Juan, delivered his inspirational message. He said that in the aim to further enhance the academic journey of each student, the local government unit will continue to provide assistance to the Division of San Juan in giving quality education. As the City of San Juan continues to modernize, the LGU will also maintain its support for the holistic development of the learners in the future. The activity lasted for an hour and towards the end, a Closing Remark was given by the Grade level team leaders.

Overall, the State of the School Address 2023 was a resounding success because the objectives and purposes were achieved efficiently.

Teacher Lloyd Tulaylay, SJES teachers and parents with Hon. Warren Villa after the State of the School Address 2023 at San Juan Elementary School.

Article written by:

Lovely M. Gidayawan

Teacher III - San Juan Elementary School


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