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SJES teachers utilize learning by doing under new normal

One of the few ideas that had much impact on the realm of education is learning by doing by John Dewey. Dewey was a progressivist educator-philosopher who theorized that learning is best when the learners are engaged. Learning by doing works after the learners gain understanding of the lessons. It is actually an effective way to evaluate the extent of knowledge of learners since it calls the learners to actively engage and generate the knowledge themselves. They are the ones who will process the learning and discover how they recall, share, and recite the lessons with familiarity. Simply put, the learners do the learning from which mastery will be developed and teachers can easily judge and evaluate the extent of learning the students gained. SJES teachers did not put this wonderful learning theory into futility for they discovered the beauty of it and utilized the same in the new normal education where learning is challenged.

Personally, the type of activity that I give to my pupils in grade four under my Science class is for them to showcase not only the learning they gained from the discussion but also their basic essential speaking skills from which they are able to have a thorough understanding of the chosen topic. It also gives them the opportunity to get out from their comfort zone and the best part - their parents are engaged in the learning process. Learning by doing activity is done through video presentation of the topic where pupils act as if they are field reporters like what the teachers do in the program, Radyo Edukasyon.

I was surprised that some of my colleagues utilize the same learning technique during the pandemic. Obviously, they are satisfied with the learning outcomes since the learning has become more exciting despite so many restrictions brought about by distance education. Sir Mark John Ortiz who teaches in the primary level and handles the lowest section, happened to utilize the same. “I handle the lowest section, unlike the higher sections where there is no doubt that they could do the required activities. But I was really worried for my other classes if they could also perform especially given their unfortunate circumstances that are way beyond their control. So at first I was very hesitant but when I tried, I was so impressed with the outcomes. I did not know there were talented pupils and had already expressed intention to be future teachers just because of our activities. You see we can give this learning theory a chance especially under this new normal even to the challenged pupils,’’ shared Mr. Ortiz.

In the intermediate class, our Master Teacher Madam Ofelia Marasigan apply the same learning theory. She said, “I design our learning activities where my pupils would be engaged to further enhance their abilities in art and video editing. Time is changing and teachers should embrace the change.’’

In my observation, I think many teachers still focus on imparting knowledge to learners as if they are mere memory cards that function as depository of files. We always think that teachers are the ultimate source of knowledge and information is given to the learners that serve as blank sheets. But the Science of learning proves that learners can participate and make learning a two-way progression wherein they gain better understanding through active engagement and teachers could improve the facilitation of learning.

Article written by:

Angelo Stephen D. Josue

Teacher III

San Juan Elementary School


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