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SDO SJC Explores Excellence from the Regional Workshop on SLR Evaluation and Library Hub Management

Resources play a crucial role in education, contributing significantly to the quality of learning experiences and overall educational outcomes. There is a need to evaluate learning resources to ensure quality. It helps assess whether a material is aligned with educational standards, accuracy, and relevance, ensuring that students receive accurate and up-to-date information and are catered to for their diverse learning styles and abilities that address learning gaps.

In connection to embarking a journey of educational excellence, SDO San Juan delves into valuable insights from the Regional Workshop on SLR Evaluation and Library Hub Management in School Libraries. The training workshop was held on November 27 to December 01, 2023, at the Axiaa Hotel, West Avenue, Quezon City. Ms. Genalyn L. Abalos, Ms. Josefina F. Arenas, Ms. Vilma T. Padilla, Mr. Anthony James H. Vizmanos, and Dr. Jonas Feliciano C. Domingo attended the five-day training as participants of SDO San Juan.

The training workshop was rich in learning opportunities. It offered valuable insights into the latest trends and resources in the field. The various topics stimulated curiosity and broadened their understanding, creating an environment for continuous professional development. The workshop on evaluating storybooks using the evaluation tool, facilitated by Mr. Dennis Mendoza, encouraged the participants to continuous improvement in the creation of educational materials. The topic on Leading School Libraries in a VUCA World with Ms. Maria Victoria E. Dela Cruz guided them on how to address the challenges in a VUCA environment within the context of school libraries using a strategic response called VUCA Prime where VISION was used for VOLATILITY, UNDERSTANDING for UNCERTAINTY, CLARITY for COMPLEXITY and AGILITY for AMBIGUITY. Lastly, the learning engagement on the Preparation of Library Hub and School Management Plan with Mr. Marlon allowed them to set goals and give strategic plans for the improvement of the school libraries for the significant learning experience of the students and respond to the needs of teachers as well as support the overall success of the school community.

In the context of the seminar, motivation is the fuel that transformed the ordinary learning into an exciting journey. Motivation was very evident throughout especially in the innovative output presentations of each team specifically on the sharing of their best practices in the management of the school library, the utilization of their learning resources, and the very analytical, engaging, and healthy critiquing of books.

Furthermore, dynamic motivation was also exhibited by the organizers and speakers who demonstrated a commitment to work for excellence, while accommodating the needs of the participants and motivating them to embrace positive change in the various educational endeavors.

The collaborative spirit of the seminar was truly remarkable. The synergy among the participants, organizers, and speakers created a vibrant atmosphere that enhanced the overall learning experience. The connections made and the sharing of ideas added a valuable dimension to this professional development.

The training concluded with the Closing Program. Ms. Genalyn L, Abalos shared her insights about the training and followed by the awarding of certificates and a photo opportunity with all participants from their respective Schools Division Offices.

Prepared by:

Genalyn L. Abalos - Teacher III

San Juan National High School


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