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San Juan students, to do beta test for kids LR portal app

San Juan City is known as a “Smart City” with an accessible wifi precinct and was appointed to conduct the field testing of LR Portal app for kids. It is the first locality to pilot the said application due to the strong availability of wifi connection. The Bureau of Learning Resources-Quality Assurance Division and DepEd Central Office with NCR CLMD-LRMS, spearheaded the pilot testing last January 30-31, 2023.

The first leg of the beta testing was held at Pinaglabanan Elementary School (PES) and on the following day, it was administered at San Perfecto Elementary School (SPES). The students of both schools were excited and enthusiastic about the utilization of the LR portal. The first batch was the kinder pupils followed by the second batch of grade 1 pupils. A software robot named Elfor, welcomed the students as they navigated the portal which made them more engaged in maneuvering the different sections of the program. The portal can be explored online and offline. It consisted of diverse activities such as ebooks with various stories in different languages, audiobooks, modules, and interactive games that will assess the learning of the students.

The administration of the beta field testing was both beneficial for the developers and the testers. The students were able to provide feedback to tell the parts that they favored and focal points that needed to be addressed. The developers will then use the accurate assessment of the quality of their product for the app improvements.

Nevertheless, the operation of the LR Portal app beta testing was successful because it showed how essential and promising the program is that it gave new insights to the local heads to pursue new innovative paths for educational technology.

Here are some snapshots of the beta-testing:

Article Written by:

Alyana Paola Yabut
Pinaglabanan Elementary School - Teacher I

Florence Sevillo
Pinaglabanan Elementary School - Teacher I


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