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Nurturing Hearts Behind Bars

Values Educators Day Outreach Program at San Juan City Jail Female Dormitory, December 7, 2023, 10:00 AM | San Juan City Jail Female Dormitory

In a remarkable endeavor to sow the seeds of positive change within the confines of the San Juan City Jail Female Dormitory, an inspiring event unfolded on December 7, 2023. The Values Educators Day Outreach Program, orchestrated by the ESP Department in collaboration with the Youth for Mary and Christ (YMC) and the Mary Help of Christian Crusaders (MHCC), aimed to impart crucial life values to incarcerated women. This event was not just about education; it was about nurturing hearts behind bars and offering a glimmer of hope to those in need.

The primary goal of this outreach program was to instill essential values such as respect, responsibility, empathy, and resilience among the female inmates. Simultaneously, it sought to provide emotional support, recognizing the unique challenges faced by individuals within the correctional system.

Beyond the realm of values education, organizers Maam Sheila Roz F. Sumio, MHCC adviser, Chery Ann C. Villar, YMC adviser, recognized the importance of improving the living conditions of incarcerated women. A simultaneous gift-giving and donation drive were set in motion by the ESP Department, collecting necessities and hygiene products. This not only symbolized a gesture of care and support but also aimed to make a tangible difference in the daily lives of the inmates.

The program commenced with an uplifting opening ceremony where Rosemarie C. Cuaresma, Head Teacher III, set the tone for the day. Sheila Roz F. Sumio, Master Teacher II, delivered a powerful statement of purpose, followed by an inspirational message from Mr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay, Principal III. JSNSP Marcelino Yu of San Juan City Jail, expressed gratitude to the donors, fostering a sense of unity and empathy among all attendees.

Inmates showcased their artistic talents, offering a heartwarming Christmas song and dance that created a sense of achievement and self-worth.

Professional educators, Sheila Roz F. Sumio and Rosemarie C. Cuaresma, along with ESP teachers, YMC, and MHCC students together with their school Principal Lloyd T. Tulaylay, conducted interactive workshops. The focus was on values such as forgiveness, self-discipline, and personal responsibility. Inmates actively participated in group discussions, fostering an environment of mutual sharing and growth.

As the day unfolded, it concluded with a poignant closing ceremony led by JSNSP Ronni G. Padua of the San Juan City Jail. The exchange of gratitude between the school principal, organizers, educators, students, and inmates was a powerful testament to the impact of the outreach program. leaving an indelible mark on everyone involved.

This day will be remembered as a chapter in the collective journey towards rehabilitation and reintegration into society, embodying the spirit of positive change within the confines of the San Juan City Jail Female Dormitory.

Article Written by:


Alpha A. Tatac - Teacher I

San Juan National High School


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