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Learning Beyond the Classroom: How Learning Resource Centers Enhance Learning Experiences in PCES

Can you imagine a world without reading, writing, and counting? A life without books, letters, and time? Partly, we have already had a glimpse of it.

The disruption of classes during the pandemic compromised the quality of education the Department aims for. The Department of Education then crafted the Learning Recovery and Continuity Plan (LRCP) to highlight the reading recovery program and interventions to cope with the learning losses. Hence, a functional library or Learning Resource Center (LRC) must be established for the attainment of the objectives of education.

Pedro Cruz Elementary School has put much effort into establishing its Learning Resource Center, which will provide the necessary support to create better learning opportunities for pupils and teachers. The schools’ LRC offers adequate access to essential learning materials and innovative technology through the distribution of Self Learning Modules; the development of its e-Learning Portal; the installation of Wi-Fi thru the efforts of the Local Government Unit; and the utilization of desktops and tablets in administering different assessments like CRLA, ANA, and TOFAS.

Just recently, the Pedro Cruz Elementary School LR team, through its partnership with the Supreme Pupil Government, launched the project “The Mind Readers Corner” this project ensures pupils can acquire knowledge independently and at their own pace. It promotes self-directed learning since they can choose books based on their interests and establish reading targets. Children who find books that interest them are more likely to read regularly and develop a lifelong love for reading. This love for learning can carry over into other areas of their academic and personal lives, leading to a more fulfilling and successful future. Also, “Story Telling ni Kuya at ni Ate” features a growing collection of books to strengthen pupils’ reading habits. It aims to improve communication skills by having pupils express their ideas and views clearly and effectively while allowing kids to develop stories, characters, and plots using their imagination and creativity.

Like the hearth of a school, LRC ignites a light of hope that the learning losses brought by the pandemic will be recovered progressively. Also, recognition is rightfully given to the endless passion of all the people who worked tirelessly to realize it. The road may still be long for our learners, but a brighter future awaits them.

Article Written by:

Micah M. Melorin

Pedro Cruz Elementary School - Teacher III/School LR Coordinator


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