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KESped Off to an Interactive Education Experience!

Actual donated gadgets

To the fast-changing world, technology plays a big part of it — for normal people, it makes things easier; but for learners with special needs, technology makes things possible for them.

Last March 13, 2023, Mr. Kurt Soliman, President of Rotary E-Club of EDSA Ortigas, held a virtual Zoom meeting with all the Special Education Teachers from Kabayanan Elementary School together with their School Principal, Ma. Hernanda R. Santos. He brought the good news that Kabayanan Sped Center was chosen to be the beneficiary of a joint project between Rotary Club Urawa Japan and Rotary E-Club EDSA Ortigas under a program called “Imagine-able,A productive Program for Autism.” As a beneficiary, the school was given 40 units of Oppo F1S Cellphone and 40 Virtual Reality (VR) Boxes with 40 Remotes. Come 29, 2023 Mr. Soliman Or Rotary E-Club EDSA Ortigas,happily signed the Memorandum of Agreement and Deed of Donation.

(Left)Mr. Kurt Soliman, Sped Pupil, Nagoya Makoto, Tanaka Uichi,and Dennis Bacle (Right)

This “Project Ïmagine-able”is the first VR learning experience for SPED Students of Kabayanan Elementary School and all Public Schools in the Division of School of San Juan City who caters Special Education especially in the Special Education classand adopted the citytagline, “Makabagong San Juan.”

Today, students with special needs can experience modern technology, locations that learners and have the virtual experience of real life figures without leaving their classroom. This VR experience can open a whole new world of possibilities for teachers like me who aim at giving their pupils a more engaging lesson in an immersive classroom.

KES is truly honored and thankful to the Rotary Club Urawa Japan, especially Nagoya Makoto and Tanaka Uichi who fundedand personally visited the school, and Rotary E-Club EDSA Ortigas. This benefit both the teachers and the students with special needs, and will surely promote fun and interesting learning experiences!

Actual classroom testing of VRboxes

Rotary Urawan Japan, Rotary E-Club EDSA Ortigas and KES recipients.

Article Written by:

Rhyan L. Mirabete

Kabayanan Elementary School - Sped Teacher III


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