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"Harmonizing Education: A Convergence of Parents and Teachers in the Meeting of Minds"

In adherence to the guidelines outlined in the Department of Education (DepEd) Order No. 54, series of 2009, educational institutions embark on a pivotal initiative within the initial 15 days of the school year. During this crucial period, the Homeroom Adviser collaborates with Parents/Guardians to establish the Homeroom Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), a significant forum for fostering a stronger partnership between the school and parents. This pivotal step is taken with the approval and support of the school head, ensuring a cohesive and engaged educational community from the outset of the academic calendar.

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meeting for the first quarter of the academic year, held on September 5, 2023, marked a significant milestone for our educational community. Bringing together parents, teachers, and school administrators, the gathering served as a platform to discuss and deliberate upon various crucial matters pertaining to the school's functioning and the holistic development of our students.

One of the foremost items on the agenda was the election of New Homeroom PTA Officers. The meeting witnessed a vibrant display of enthusiasm and involvement as parents eagerly stepped forward to vie for various positions. This keen interest underscored the collective dedication to fortify and enhance our school community. The newly elected officers hold a pivotal role in facilitating effective communication and fostering collaboration between parents and teachers throughout the academic year.

Addressing student attendance emerged as another crucial point of discussion during the meeting. Recognizing the central role attendance plays in a student's academic journey and overall growth, attendees engaged in meaningful conversations regarding strategies to promote consistent attendance. Emphasis was placed on the vital role parents play in ensuring their children's regular presence within the school community. This discourse highlighted the shared responsibility of both parents and educators in nurturing our students' educational expedition.

Furthermore, the meeting provided a platform to delve into the intricacies of the school's grading system and requirements. Parents were provided with detailed insights into the functioning of the grading system, ensuring a clear understanding of how their child's performance is assessed. Additionally, discussions unfolded regarding school requirements, elucidating the expectations and responsibilities that students must meet to excel academically. This dialogue aimed to equip parents with the necessary knowledge to effectively guide and support their children in their academic endeavors.

Another stimulating point of discussion was the beautification of our classrooms and school premises. Recognizing the impact of a well-maintained and visually appealing learning environment on students' motivation and engagement, attendees enthusiastically brainstormed ideas and initiatives to enhance the aesthetic appeal of our school. Parents, teachers, and students collectively generated creative proposals, fostering a sense of pride and ownership within our educational community.

In conclusion, the first quarter PTA meeting served as a dynamic forum for collaboration, growth, and active engagement. The diverse range of topics discussed underscored the commitment of our collective educational family toward creating a nurturing and enriching environment for our students. As we move forward in this academic year, we anticipate continued collaboration and shared efforts to realize the best for our school and its bright young minds.

Article Written by:

Christian A. De Guzman

Teacher II – San Juan City Science High School


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