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FTS Activity at SJES; Flawless & Perfect – Comelec Chair

San Juan Elementary Teachers (SJES) teachers acting as members of the electoral board, manned the actual Final Testing and Sealing (FTS) of vote counting machines (VCMs) at the San Juan Elementary School on May 3, 2022 which was attended by Comelec Chairman Saidamen Pangarungan. Among the schools in NCR, SJES was chosen to be the venue for the conduct of this important activity to test the functionality of the VCMs for the election day. Pangarungan, who attended an FTS activity said the successful activity will encourage voters to participate in the May 9 polls. "I will consider it flawless, perfect. I'm very thankful that it turned out this way," he said in an interview. "I'm sure this will have a positive impact in voting because the people can see that the electoral process is okay as seen during the FTS, " he added.

The Final Testing and Sealing is conducted to ensure that the machines faultlessly function and have empty votes on election day. The process called re-zeroing, after testing the functionality of the machine through diagnostic, is important not only to determine the quality of VCMs but also to ensure the public a clean and fair election. It also aims to test the accuracy of teachers in handling the machines and other election paraphernalia to prevent inconvenience. The teachers who are acting as members of election boards during FTS will serve in the actual election.

Article written by:

Angelo Stephen D. Josue

San Juan Elementary School


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