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San Juan National High School Conducts Unannounced Earthquake Drill

San Juan National High School held its unannounced Earthquake Drill last June 11, 2019 headed by Mrs. Marichu R. Lopez (the SDRRMC Coordinator), Mr. Cesar A. Camayra (Chairperson) and Mrs. Edith E. Alad (the Batang Emergency Response Team Adviser). The students were assessed on what to do during earthquake. The duck, cover and hold were observed while the bell was ringing. Teachers reminded their students to put books on their head if they don’t have a hard hat and they led the students to the assigned evacuation area at the Pinaglabanan Shrine near the flag pole. The BERT members were ahead of the pack to lead their fellow students and help the teachers in counting. A total of 1,240 from the Grade 7 and 10 were able to evacuate including the teaching and non-teaching personnel.

When the students returned to the school quadrangle, Mrs. Lopez reviewed them of what to do before, during, and after the earthquake. As directed by the Schools Division Office, the unannounced earthquake drill should be done on a weekly basis. “We’ll keep on doing this in light of the continuous improvements that must be taken until we reach the target,” continued Mrs. Lopez.

Moreover, school head Mr. Camayra, expressed his solid support to this endeavor and continually reminded the students to take heed of the message. “We need to take this seriously so when the Big One comes, we’ll know what to do,” he said in his message.

The unannounced earthquake drill likewise took place until the afternoon shift (grades 8 and 9) from the Main Building to the Annex Building. All went well for that day.

The SDRRMC team of San Juan National High School will endeavor to make improvements, reach its goal, until all students, teachers and employees are able to keep aware and safe.

Article written by:

Edith E. Alad (SJNHS Master Teacher I)

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