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Self-Improvement and Success

Personal development and career success are relevant to one another. In order for someone to attain success, he must develop himself holistically. Success starts from one’s self. He has to improve himself to be prepared on whatever he may want to be. A person must unleash his potentials and develop them to full potentials. He has to pursue his personal growth by expanding self-awareness and knowledge and improving personal skills.

Career men and women definitely attained various success in life but they fail in some aspects. They sometimes forget how to be a mother, what a father should be, and how to be a child or a caring sibling. The worst situation is, they are not aware on how to become a wife or a husband. They somehow neglect to show care and love for others. Their minds are clouded by so many tasks to be done and let others suffer. What is important for them is that, they have to attain their goals. Career oriented people tend to least prioritize some personal responsibilities.

If we look into another lens, people who enhance themselves make them realize their worth as a person. They recognize their strength in full potential. They are trying to improve as time goes on. They starve for more and continue to satisfy themselves. They do not stop in search of new knowledge and ideas. They are striving for success after success. They are always considered to be embodiment of good character and values and worth to be emulated by others. Successful people become inspiration to other people. They influence how people oversee the other side of the world. They help them to think outside the box. They are trying to show that there is no impossible if you are just focusing in your goal and your life. They become hope for the others who will soon to surrender in the game of life. They give a streak of light to those who are at lost in the journey of life. Being better and successful makes someone indispensable.

Anyone is entitled to pursue self-efficacy. He needs to continue to learn everyday and acquire new skills. It is imperative that a person must reach the penultimate goal in life which is self-actualization. He should not be too cynical and eventually becomes irrelevant in this world. He has to get out from his comfort zone and take the challenge that is given to him. As what Chad Michael Murray stated, “Our biggest regrets are not for the things we have done but for the things we haven’t done”. We need to take a risk and don’t be afraid to venture to a new opportunity. This opportunity might be the answer to the question/wish you were asking for a long time. It might be the key for your success. We should always be positive in life. We should remove all the negative factors that could hinder your personal improvement and success. Listen more than you speak. You should have ears to listen to the people around you. You have to reserve you mouth and when it is the right time to open it, you need to open it.

To become successful, it requires self-improvement and awareness. Success cannot be done overnight. Self-improvement cannot be done in one day. These two things require time, effort, and patience. If you want success, start to learn how to improve your self. To improve your self, start to hone your skills and bring them to the next level. But let me emphasize, success has different faces. In your perspective, success is just being happy to what you have or having plenty of cash in your bank account. On the other hand, your notion about success is somewhat a prestige of a title or you are contented to where you are now. You have your own generic of success. Whatever it is, you are the only one who can describe and DEFINE your own success.

Article written by:

Hernan L. Apurada (San Juan National High School)

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