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San Juan National High School Holds Its 1st School Learning Action Cell (SLAC) for School Year 2018-

Members of the SJNHS teaching force listen intently Mr. Apurada welcomes the participants of the First SJNHS to the speaker’s points about Action Research SLAC Session

The first session of the San Juan National High School (SJNHS) Learning Action Cell (LAC) for Academic Year 2018-2019 kicked off last August 3, 2018 which was held at the Special Science Class Science Laboratory. It was attended by at least 36 members of the teaching force spread separately by morning and afternoon shift from both the SJNHS Junior and Senior High School.

The SJNHS-SLAC was organized by Mr. Hernan Apurada, SJNHS Science Teacher and the new SLAC coordinator who also delivered the opening remarks of the said session.

Mr. Cesar A. Camayra, Principal III of San Juan National High School, welcomed the teacher-participants and mentioned the objectives of SLAC as a means of fostering a community of professionals with an end to improve learning outcomes. “The SLAC session is based on the stipulations of DepEd Order Number 35, S. 2016 which seeks to provide avenue for teachers to grow professionally and learn pedagogical strategies without formally attending school or seminars”, Mr. Camayra stressed.

He further encouraged more teachers to join the session since this is one of those things acceptable as a Means of Verifications (MOV) in the new Revised Performance Management System or RPMS which was recently implemented by the Department of Education.

The SLAC is a K to 12 Basic Education Program which is a School-Based Continuing Professional Development Strategy for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning. Through this policy, the DepEd fully supports the continuing professional development of its teaching personnel based on the principle of lifelong learning and DepEd’s commitment to the development of teachers’ potential aimed towards their success in the profession.

In this particular event, the topic was about how to conduct an action research facilitated by Dr. Jay F. Macasieb, Division Research Coordinator. The participants were given a primer on the tenets of action research-writing. “Action Research is a proven tool to address pressing problems in the school level. It helps the teachers to be scientific and reflective in solving problems they encounter in the classroom”, Mr. Macasieb pointed out.

He concluded the session by encouraging the teachers to start conducting an action research because as he shared in his talk- “He who does not research, has nothing to teach”.

Article written by:

Ms. Reygin L. Metran, Teacher I, SJNHS

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