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English supervisors come together to craft rubrics for narratives

DepEd National Capital Region called for all the English and Filipino supervisors in the region on April 20, 2018 at the Conference Hall to work on the assessment tool for narratives. Marnelli B. Tolentino, the division English supervisor, attended the activity together with Ma. Lucila G. Anatalio, Master Teacher I of Salapan Elementary School as the participants from DepEd San Juan. Regional English Supervisor Dr. Arnold Gatus facilitated the workshop as he identified the English narratives articulated in key stages 1 and 2 of the curriculum guide. These include writing of paragraphs, dialogs, story, news, essay, editorial, summary, reaction paper, critiques, and minutes of the meeting. After a brief validation of these outputs, the supervisors took turns in the presentation of their current practices from selected schools on the use of their rubrics. They agreed to work on a generic assessment tool for each of the genres so teachers will have a standardized way of checking the the outputs. The whole afternoon was used for the workshop and it ended with the presentation of the proposed rubrics by the different supervisors. San Juan was tasked to handle the rubrics for minutes of the meeting which was eventually shown for critique.

The said activity is in done in response to the need to standardize the assessment tool for narratives strengthen the writing skills of students. They fleshed out insights as to how teaching and learning happen with emphasis on the quality of instruction as indicated by the academic performance of children. It was found out that penmanship is often neglected and even the timeliness of submission becomes a prevalent issue to which the proposed rubrics hope to address.

Attached are snippets of the one-day workshop and the output submitted to the region.

Seen is Ms. Raysie Seydel of SDO-Caloocan as she shared the rubrics used in selected schools. Participants listened to each of the presentations and were asked to comment on the best practices that can be adopted for the standard Taken during the presentation of proposed rubrics done use in the region. by each of the supervisors present that day.

The supervisors from the different divisions discussed the current practices in the field when checking the written outputs of learners. They fleshed out insights as to how teachers usually mark the work of the children and the implications in the teaching-learning process.

Article written by:

Mrs. Marnelli B. Tolentino (Education Program Supervisor for English)

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