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SDO Holds Gender Awareness and Development (GAD) Mid-Year Activity

The institutionalization of Gender Awareness and Development Activity in all government agencies reflects the urgency and importance of such endeavor in building a just society. The Department of Education is one agency that ensures the smooth articulation of relevant concepts down to its learners as it is also embedded in its current K to 12 Curriculum.

In order to continually enhance its awareness, the Schools Division Office-San Juan City (SDO) officials conducted a seminar on June 3-4, 2016 at the SDO Conference Hall for the first day and at La Maribbean Resort, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna on the second day, with the theme “Sustaining Gender Sensitive Workplace for Peak Performance.” This enabled the personnel to increase their appreciation for Gender Sensitivity Practices in the field and situate themselves as agents of change in promoting a just culture in their own personal ways. It further made them understand the current situation as to how certain precepts are violated and what measures can be possibly adopted to address the issues raised. It helped that the discussion involved personal anecdotes and insights of the audience which showed their concerns not only as parents but as significant adults in the eyes of the minors.

This activity also revolved around the review of the Individual Commitment and Performance Review Forms (ICPRF) of the three divisions in the SDO. The participants were reminded of their duties and responsibilities in view of their Key Results Areas (KRAs) and how GAD concepts can be integrated in exigency of the service.

The seminar culminated in an out-of-town event where teambuilding and relationships were built based on purpose-driven activities. Everyone had a great time exploring the beauty of the venue while taking care to see that gender sensitivity concepts are being lived out.

Article written by:

Marnelli A. Bautista (Education Program Supervisor - English/Journalism)

Marieta C. Montoya (Senior Education Program Specialist)

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