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IFCL holds 14th year at Resorts World Manila

“Fusion of Culture.” These are the words of Claro B. Arellano, Prosecutor General of DOJ who gave the keynote speech during the 14th year anniversary of International Festival of Language and Culture (IFCL) held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater at Resorts World on 2 February 2016. He further quipped, “There is unity in diversity. Tolerance is the key to a better world. In order to appreciate the beauty of diversity, there is a need to show respect for one’s cultural uniqueness.”

Philippines hosted this year’s celebration and a number of dignitaries from the different embassies came in attendance to show their solidarity and support of this meritorious event. Students paraded in their colorful attires that depicted their respective countries of origin and performed authentic pieces that reflected their culture. There were the elaborate medley of traditional Filipino dances that started with a flash mob from the audience area, the fascinating rendition of latin dance that came with intricate costume change and the eloquent charm of all participating countries’ representatives in their solo acts. The graceful execution of performances enamored the crowd which was punctuated by the huge LED screens surrounding the stage that showed lively animations.

DepEd San Juan was blessed to have witnessed the occasion as OIC-SDS Dr. Joel T. Torrecampo got invited by the officials of Fountain International School during their luncheon meeting for their Senior High School concerns. Senior Education Program Specialist Marieta C. Montoya said, “The show was visually stunning. I couldn’t contain my excitement as the students in different parts of the world showcased their talents in such magnificence. This was truly a remarkable experience!”

The team who watched the show was in agreement on the importance of coming as one despite the internal and external differences. One further commented, “I believe that a gathering such as this is essential to communicate the importance of unity. People come from different places but it’s possible to co-exist in harmony. Similarly, the culture we have in the office may be colored with our different backgrounds, personalities, and dispositions. But our loyalty is placed on the students whom we vowed to serve as guided by our shared vision and mission in the Department. Together, we can create a solid team ready to take on the challenges of an ever-changing world no matter who sits in the position.”

Snapshots of the event are seen in the gallery below. Relive the experience through these photos. Enjoy!

Article written by:

Marnelli A. Bautista

Education Program Supervisor English/Journalism

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