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Enhancing Personal Efficacy and Professional Capabilities for High Performance

The five-day seminar on Enhancing Personal Efficacy and Professional Capabilities for High Performance Training proved to be very timely for all employees of DepEd San Juan as we learned about mental models that we can use to improve ourselves. In a competitive society that always puts premium to the swift, the mighty, and the witty, it is comforting to know that we are blessed with a progressive leader like Dr. Jenilyn Rose B. Corpuz who advocates an abundance mentality as this allows us to grow in the profession without fearing the pressure to outdo one another and harbor ill feelings of jealousy and envy on some people because everyone has a rightful place in the organization. The win-win framework teaches us to discipline ourselves to work for the common good so we don’t lose track of our shared vision for the Department and manage whatever conflicts that may arise in the future.

I find it very helpful that we are given tools for analysis such as the cloud, the personality style inventory, the flow chart for office procedures, and the various forms for evaluation so we can be guided by the decisions we make every day. The talk on Walking with a Heart of Wisdom moves us to be reflective of the brand of education we carry as we address our own issues and deficiencies in the body, mind, and spirit, if we are truly to speak of a holistic development that we give to our students.

Finding one’s place in the new SDO doesn’t only end after we listened to the duties and responsibilities outlined in the RAT Program and the RPMS because we continue to evolve in our understanding of our roles through the mentoring of our dynamic leaders like Ma’am Jeni and Sir Joel. We expect their influence to rub in us in the next days to come, especially with the new perspective we have on self-efficacy.

I also appreciate the fun games we had and the water adventure in Hundred Islands because we got to bond with our colleagues and collect beautiful memories of casual talks, biritan nights, possible partnerships, strategic planning, and so on. But like in any other seminars that we attend, the challenge for participants like me is not really on how much knowledge we have gained but more on what we intend to do with the new insights that we have. This event will only be meaningful if we care to apply everything we have learned in the work place.

It is a breath of fresh air to hear from the speakers the power of positive words and operate on the win-win solution and abundance mentality because with the position they hold, they can see more than what we do in the field that can speak of the horror or the magnitude of what else is needed to be done, and yet, they choose to give us a sense of hope, that together as a team, we can achieve more, just like what we have seen in the video and the lessons we gathered from the fable of the hare and the tortoise. This paradigm shift is very inspiring as we embrace a culture of excellence in our division, not only on the aspect of academics or the cognitive level, but in the physical, social, emotional, relational, and even in the spiritual level. Even if challenges may seem overwhelming at some point, I take comfort in the fact that our DepEd San Juan family is united in our quest to enhance our personal efficacy and professional capabilities to achieve high performance.

And so, I’d like to dedicate this song for you as a reminder that as we journey towards continuous improvement, we can hold each other’s hands and explore endless possibilities. Here is my friend, Bruno Mars, with the song “Count on Me.”

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