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Pursuant to DepED Order No. 9, s. 2002 entitled Establishing the Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) in the Department of Education, the SDO-SAN JUAN commits itself to recognize the efforts and outstanding accomplishments of teaching, non-teaching personnel, and external stakeholders who have unceasingly provides support. Adhering to the provisions under the CSC PRAISE program, SDO-SAN JUAN has conceptualized an awarding mechanism dubbed as  "STARS (San Juan’s Transformational Achievers’ Reward System) AWARD”. Aligned to its mantra. “Positivity…Possibilities…Performance…SDO-SAN JUAN SHINE!”. It spells out the Department's ultimate goal of encouraging, recognizing, and rewarding employees, individually or in groups, for their innovative contributions, inventions, discoveries, superior accomplishments; exemplary behavior, extraordinary acts or services in the public interest and, other personal efforts contributing to efficiency, economy and improvement in government operations which lead to organizational productivity.


Anent to its desire of taking the full responsibility in implementing the welfare and benefit programs in the division to include the granting of awards and incentives to teachers/employees who have rendered meritorious services or excellent performance, as provided for in the CSC Praise program, the SDO- San Juan has responded to the call of organizing a committee to formulate and establish internal rules, policies and procedures to govern the conduct of activities which shall include the guidelines in evaluating the nominees and the mechanism for recognizing the awardees.


SDO-San Juan STARS Award is an annual awarding ceremony to honor and reward the employees, both in teaching and non-teaching work of the SDO-SAN JUAN. Who have demonstrated excellence in the performance of their individual tasks, which greatly contributed to the achievement of the mission, vision, and goals. It stimulates employees' creativity and enthusiasm while setting aside personal aspirations and gains, imbued with selfless pursuant of distinction in serving the Filipino learners.


San Juan’s  Transformational  Achievers’  Reward  System

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